Amberflight is a beautiful silver tabby she-cat with white paws and  bright amber eyes. She has contributed to the fan-art page. Her pesonality is most similar to the Warrior Cat Feathertail, having a close brother, and trying to get along with everyone. 

She enjoys writing one-shot Warrior fanfictions, about certain already existing cats. Her favorite characters are Crookedstar, Duspelt, Lontail,Firestar, Thrushpelt, Tallstar, Crowfeather, as well as Bluestar, Mousefur, Sandstorm, Hollyleaf, Feathertail and Cinderpelt. She loves the Warrior series, and enjoys spending time on Kate Cary's blog.

She was named in leaf-fall, when the leaves were amber. Her mother chose that name for the leaves as well as her bright, amber eyes. 

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