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Blizzardpaw is known for watching things like Merlin, Doctor Who and other British TV shows. She is actually a Timelord from Gallifrey. She is typically kind to most of the members but has been annoying ShiveringRose for quite sometime with Doctor Who references in real life. She is also on Whitefire/Mintshade's MountainClan. A very good friend indeed, she has been on for what seems like a while and she is very well known for her art. She is also Swiftfire's Goof Soup Timelord buddy. 

  • Graystripe, by Blizzardpaw
  • Coverart of MountainClan Rising by Blizzardpaw
  • Blizzardpaw's deceased cat, Millie ( drawn by ShiveringRose)
  • Blizzardpaw by Swiftpaw
  • Blizzardpaw
  • Blizzy
  • I was bored. Deal with it.

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