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BlogClan is the clan set up by Kate Cary, one of the authors of the Warrior Cats series.


In the blog itself, BlogClan is mainly used for Kate, or her son, to share news. It is a popular site, with lots or regular users and fans posting daily. There are over fifty active members. She checks it regularly and moderates comments.


There is a roleplay website in which BlogClan features. This was set up on June 28th 2012. It is fanmade, but deemed official, as it is in association with Kate Cary's Blog.


Various fanmade series have been proposed. In the fanmade book project BlogClan Rising, BlogClan is also the main clan. In the first book, BlogClan Rising, it is lead by Nightstar. However, shortly after Nightstar dies, Cakeheart (based on Kate Cary herself) becomes leader.

However, the first book project failed and Rainsong and Copperclaw have started a new one, called Trailing Stars. In this, all of the people that post on BlogClan get mysteriously turned into cats. They must band together or stay in cat bodies forever!

Trailing Stars[]

In Ch.1, Dawnmist and Copperclaw find the camp. It is a rocky quarry with many large caves as dens.

In Ch. 2, Wolfpaw finds Copperclaw and Dawnmist.

More coming soon.

Camp (Trailing Stars)[]

The camp yet to be seen in Trailing Stars has many different depictions.  The original is rocky with red sand through it.  The cats reside in deep caves.  Added to this is that there is a pond-creek adjacent to camp.

BlogClan by Swiftpaw.jpg

The camp depicted by Kat