Dawnblaze, Apprentice of BlogClan



Freewheeling Ferrets


Approx. 6 Moons


Rogue: Dawn

Kit: Dawnkit

Apprentice: Dawnpaw

Warrior: Dawnblaze


Father: Thorn

Mother: Ivyblaze

Brother: Storm

Sister: Goldensong


Mentor: Sun-For-Two (Dreamcloud)

"There are only two types of people in the world--those who became otaku and those who didn't--and the latter just can't understand what the former is so excited about."--Ono Norihiro.

Dawnpaw (blaze) is a slender silver tabby she-cat with startling ice-blue eyes, white paws, a white chest, a bushy tail and a white tail tip.


She is friendly and kind. She shows a deep hatred for bullies, and will stand up for anyone who is bullied, even if she extremely dislikes that person (nice way to say "hate"). She LOVES cracking dumb jokes, shipping, and fangirling.

Character HistoryEdit

Dawnblaze was born a loner and named Dawn. Her parents were Ivy and Thorn. Her brother and sister were named Storm and Goldie. When she was 5 moons old, her older brother Storm was hit on the Thunderpath. Together, the devastated family ventured around the woods. Her father, Thorn, soon left the group to become a kittypet. She was saved by two strange cats. The cats introduced themselves as an apprentice warrior and a full warrior of BlogClan. The cats led them to a ditch in the forest, where they found a group of cats walking around and doing things like bringing in prey from a hunting patrol. These cats were also of BlogClan. They were taken to see the leader, Cakestar. Cakestar decided they could join BlogClan if they so wished. Dawn wanted to join the Clan of cats, but the rest of her family wasn't sure. After much thinking, they finally decided to join. Her mother was made into a warrior, Ivy becoming Ivyblaze and Thorn into Thornfoot. Dawn and Goldie then took the names of Dawnpaw and Goldenpaw. Dawnpaw was apprenticed to a senior warrior named Dreamcloud, but more commonly known as Sun-For-Two. About 5 moons later, tradgedy stuck. Ivyblaze became very sick with greencough, and after about a week of suffering, she died. Dawnpaw took the warrior name Dawnblaze in her honor. Goldenpaw was hit by a monster on the Thunderpath only 3 moons later, and also died of severe injuries that the medicine cat could not heal. Dawnblaze is very good at reading people's emotions, which other cats sometimes find scary. She is fairly average in strength, but very intelligent and is good at making plans. Sometimes she lets her emotions out on others even though they didn't do anything wrong.

On The BlogEdit

On the blog, Dawnblaze always tries to be kind and friendly to others. She loves to joke around, and she is an active member of BlogClan. She is currently an apprentice, under the mentorship of Dreamcloud, AKA Sun-For-Two.

On the WikiEdit

On BlogClan Wiki, Dawnblaze's username is Dawnblaze07. She participates on the chats a lot, and enjoys making fan art for others. She always tries to make others happy, as she enjoys making others feel good.

Book AppearancesEdit

Trailing StarsEdit

Dawnblaze has yet to appear in Trailing Stars.

On the Roleplay SiteEdit



  • Dawnblaze (her main and only character)

Fan FictionEdit

Dawnblaze has not made any fanfiction.

  • Dawnblaze as drawn by Swiftfire
  • Dawnblaze as drawn by Kat
  • Cinnamonswirl as drawn by Dawnblaze
  • Summer Cat, by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze by Swiftpaw
  • Dawnblaze by, well, Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze by Copperclaw
  • Dawnblaze by ShiveringRose
  • Dawnblaze by Copperclaw
  • Dawnblaze by Silverpetal
  • ShiveringRose by Dawnblaze
  • Swiftfire by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze with a bananaphone by Silverpetal
  • Dreamcloud by Dawnblaze
  • Rainbowheart by Dawnblaze
  • Nightflower by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze edited version by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze, by Selena
  • Dawn's pony for FriendshipClan, Dawn Song, the Element of Faith
  • Dawnblaze by Kat
  • Dawnpaw's Pokemon Fun Character: Dawn the Vulpix, drawn by Mosstail
  • Dawn with her favorite thing... BANANAPHONE! by Leafpaw
  • Dawnblaze is depicted to the left of the BlogClan symbol in this picture.
  • Cakestar by Dawnblaze
  • Dawn's wolf OC, Raven
  • Dawn's first attempt at a new style of drawing
  • PARTY!!!!
  • Party with Catnip
  • Silverpetal by Dawnblaze
  • Cakestar by Dawnblaze
  • Flowerstream by Dawnblaze
  • Dreamcloud by Dawnblaze
  • Stormclaw, one of Dawn's RP characters, by Dawnblaze
  • Hawksky by Dawnblaze
  • Mudnose by Dawnblaze
  • Daypaw by Dawnblaze
  • Kat by Dawnblaze
  • Copperclaw by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze by ShiveringRose
  • Cinny by Dawn
  • Cinny with a mustache by Dawn
  • Mosstail by Dawnblaze
  • Swift by Dawnblaze
  • Dawn by herself
  • Copperclaw by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze by herself
  • Graystripe, requested by Dawnblaze and drawn by Swiftpaw
  • Dawnblaze wallpaper by Copperclaw
  • Dawnblaze by Swiftfire
  • Dawnblaze the Peacemaker by Swiftfire
  • Dawn and her new bunny
  • Hazelburrow by Dawnblaze
  • ANOTHER Mosstail by Dawnblaze.
  • Hugo, one of the characters from Cat Waltz, by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze by herself
  • Nightflash by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze in Japanese by Dawnblaze
  • Swiftfire's namein Japanese by Dawnblaze
  • Mosstail's name by Dawnblaze
  • Leafpaw's Warrior name (Leafwillow) by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze is not happy.
  • Dawnblaze's other MLP OC, Princess Starshine
  • Dawn's Camp Halfblood OC Morgana, Daughter of Zeus
  • A dolphin by Dawnblaze
  • Dawnblaze by Swiftfire
  • Shiver's birthday pic by Dawn
  • Dawn's christmas card by Copperclaw
  • Dawnblaze Santa by Kat

Fan ArtEdit

By Her Dawnblaze doesn't draw. Period.

By OthersEdit

Dawnblaze has been drawn by many others, including ShiveringRose, Copperclaw, Silverpetal, Kat, and many more. (PS If I'm not crediting you here, sorry I'll add you to teh list :3)


June Gathering 2013Edit

For her first Gathering, Dawnblaze was in the group the Freewheeling Ferrets. She had lots of fun and loved participating.

August Gathering 2013Edit

In this Gathering, she was again a Freewheeling Ferret. She entered in the poetry and fan fiction competitions, and though she did not win anything, she had tons of fun.


Dawn "ships" several people/characters, including:

  • EdXWinry- WinEd (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • KyoXTohru (Fruits Basket)
  • PandaXOtter (because if there was such thing as a pandotter, that would be EPIC.)
  • CalypsoXLeo- Caleo (percy jackson)
  • PercyXAnnabeth- Percabeth (percy jackson)
  • Neville LongbottomXLuna Lovegood- Nuna (Harry potter)


  • Dawnblaze's name was originally going to be either Dawnpool or Stormblaze. She thought Dawnpool sounded too girly for her character, but Stormblaze was too manly sounding. Flowerstream reccomended a mix of the two, and she came up with Dawnblaze and Stormpool. She decided on Dawnblaze, thinking it was the better one out of the two.
  • Dawnblaze actually knows three people on the blog in real life-- Silverpetal, Flowerstream, and Frostfire.
  • If Dawnblaze were to pick one of the five original Clans to live in (ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan), she says she would pick ShadowClan because though everyone thinks they are evil, though this is probably just because they had an unfortunate streak of cruel and ruthless leaders- Brokenstar, Tigerstar, etc.- but they are truly strong, clever, stealthy, and loyal to their Clan.
  • Dawnblaze's mentor is the senior warrior Dreamcloud (More commonly known as Sun-For-Two).
  • In real life, Dawnblaze is an avid reader.
  • She loves OK Go and Marina and the Diamonds. 
  • If Dawn was an animal, she thinks she'd be an otter. Yes, an otter. 
  • Dawnblaze is a loyal Goomy follower. Goomy is love. Goomy is life.
    Otter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY


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