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Kit: Echokit

Apprentice: Echopaw

Warrior: Echoleaf


Mentor: Unknown


No information



Echoleaf is a silver tabby she-cat with leaf green eyes and white paws (almost like socks). She has a slender build but has strong hind legs, great for leaping on prey. She has a V shaped nick in her left ear and a ragged scar just under her eye. She has keen eyesight and a natural ability for tracking. 


She is normally a happy, amusing, witty but often sarcastic she-cat who generally tries to be friends with others. She can have a terrible temper if she is angry. She dislikes bullies very strongly and isn't afraid to tell others exactly what she thinks. 

Trailing Stars[]

She has appeared in trailing stars chapter 6, though only briefly. She is shown to be put into Patrol B, lead by Dawnmist. The patrol includes Dawnmist, Brightshadow, Lilyshine, Echoleaf, Flowerpaw and Hazelburrow.


  • In real life, she plays Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Drums. (And some Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Saxophone and everything musical).
  • Her favourite book series' other than Warriors are Brotherband and Rangers Apprentice (By John Flanagan), but she will read almost anything
  • She also has a random obsession with Geckos. Shiveringrose decided to name her Geckoleaf/Gecholeaf.