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Current Fanfictions[]

This is a list of the current Fanfictions being written on BlogClan:

Copperclaw - Blood Flower, The Empty Stars, The Fursona Diaries

Dawnblaze - Dawnstar's Prophecy

Dawnfrost with other BlogClanners- The Jew's Diaries

Dawnmist - Spottedleaf's Destiny

Emberpaw- The Sun and Moon Prophecy: MoonClan

Emeraldpaw with other BlogClan members - Leafspirit's Mercy, kinda like a love story

Flamekit - Flamekit's Spirit

Hawksky- Trailing Stars Chapter 3

Jayfrost - Echoes of the War:  Faded Boundaries

Kat - the New Sun, a Shattered Prophecy, Blood Flower

Mintshade - Burning Ashes and Snowstar's Wish

Mosstail- Lost in the Stars, Only Choice, The Silent Mew, Cat Waltz

Rainsong- The Tales of GladeClan, Untitled Collaborative Work with Hawksky

Swiftpaw - Unless, MothClan Falling, The Fursona Diaries

Wolfpaw - The Fursona Diaries, BlogClan's Battle 

Tawnywing - Stormiepaw's diary.

Rainshadow - The Rising Darkness (series)

Fishpaw- The new series (series)

Wolfpaw(2)- RainbowClan's Path (series)