BlogClan Wiki


Kit: Flamekit




Mentor: NONE


Father: Dusk

Mother: Ginger

Sisters: Moon, Leafpaw

Brother: Skypaw

Flamepaw is a long-furred, thick ginger she-cat with amber eyes.


Flamepaw is a warrior apprentice, as a matter of fact. She's was always pouncing on someone`s tail, or was chasing Dawnfrost or Swiftfire. She is a fierce, fun-loving she-cat, who is wise at times in need.

On the Blog[]

Flamepaw is seen on the blog. She used to be on the blog a lot, but now goes on it very little.

On the Roleplay Site[]

Flamepaw has been on the Roleplay Site alot lately. She is friends with more than 8 people, including Swiftfire, Dawnfrost, and Dawnmist.

Fan Fiction[]

Flamepaw will soon have her own stand alone fan-fiction, called "Flamepelt's Spirit". She is said to be a kittypet at the time, but soon in the chapters joins BlogClan. It tells who her parents are, which are Ginger and Dusk. She is also a part of Skypaw's soon-to-appear stand alone fan-fiction, "Skyfrost`s Destiny", and also in her sister Leafpaw`s soon-to-be stand-alone fan-fiction, "Leafstorm`s Wish".


  • She does not have a mentor yet.
  • Her parents are unknown, but in "Flamepelt`s Spirit", are Dusk and Ginger.
  • Flamekit is known for her flame-like pelt, so her warrior name is going to be Flamepelt.
  • Flamekit is 6 moons old, because her creator is in the 6th grade..