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Senior Warrior of BlogClan


Kit: Hazelkit

Apprentice: Hazelpaw

Warrior: Hazelburrow

Blog: Hazelburrow, Evilburrow, Bazelhurrow


Mentor: Unknown


No information


Current: BlogClan


Mother: Cakestar

Hazelburrow is a handsome, hazel-colored tom with white legs.

On the blog[]

Hazelburrow is the son of Kate. He is also a moderator and sometimes even does chats! He is always kind to all members and seems to like the word "rude". He also is known for being a fan of Doctor Who. 

Fan Fiction[]

Trailing Stars[]

Hazelburrow appears in Chapter 4 when he is found by Brightshadow with Kat. There is a tender moment when he is reunited with his mother, Cakestar.

He appears breifly in Chapter 6, when he has the idea ro take food from Twolegplace. He is a part of patrol B and leads the cats to the Twolegplace he had seen.


  • He has been paired with Selena , Copperclaw, himself,  Swiftpaw, Dawnmist, Kat and Dawnfrost .
  • He is currently working on a BlogClan game.
  • He was one of the candidates to be BlogClan's deputy, but lost by one vote.
  • His real name is Josh.
  • He has been working on plans for Gatherings.
  • He likes changing his name, switching between Hazelburrow, Bazelhurrow, Evilburrow and Evilburrow "Jenkins"
  • Waffleheart was once suggested to be his warrior name.