Jayfrost, Senior Warrior of BlogClan




Kit: Jaykit

Apprentice: Jaypaw

Warrior: Jayfrost


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Current: BlogClan

Jayfrost is a gray-brown she-cat with badger stripes on her face, V markings on her shoulders and hips, and a striped tail. She has lighter muzzle and cheeks, throat, chest, belly, and paws. She has medium fur, a long-haired tail, a scar on her lower back and a scar on each knee, and dark amber eyes.

On The BlogEdit

Jayfrost is the organiser and editor of the BlogClan allegiances. She adds new members and removes the old, unused ones. She generally tries to update the allegiances once a month but it often gets postponed due to studying and schoolwork.
  • By Jayfrost
  • By Jayfrost
  • Faded Boundaries, by Jayfrost
  • Crookedkit, by Jayfrost
  • Rainpelt's Prophecy, by Jayfrost
  • Spottedleaf in the Forest, by Jayfrost
  • The Outcasts of ThunderClan, by Jayfrost
  • Jayfrost
  • Jayfrost by Swiftpaw
  • Dawnmist, by Jayfrost
  • Disgusted Firestar, by Jayfrost
  • Copperclaw by Jayfrost
  • Swiftfire by Jayfrost
  • Emeraldblaze by Jayfrost
  • Dawnfrost by Jayfrost
  • ShiveringRose by Jayfrost
  • Wolfheart by Jayfrost
  • Leafpaw by Jayfrost
  • A Leering Tigerstar, by Jayfrost
  • Firepaw, by Jayfrost
  • Bramblestar, by Jayfrost
  • Jayfrost by Copperclaw
  • Jayfrost, depicted by Kat
  • TS Chapter 2, by Jayfrost
  • TS Chapter 3, by Jayfrost
  • TS Chapter 4, by Jayfrost
  • TS Chapter 5, by Jayfrost
  • TS Chapter 1, by Jayfrost

Fan ArtEdit

Jayfrost has contributed plenty of art to the blog, including drawings of many BlogClan cats in profile. She also drew the Trailing Stars cover.


  • She illustrates "Trailing Stars" scenes.
  • She updates the BlogClan allegiances every month.
  • Kate named a kit in "Dawn of the Clans; The First Battle" Jay Frost, after Jayfrost.
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