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Lilyshine, Warrior of BlogClan


Kit: Lilykit

Apprentice: Lilypaw

Warrior: Lilyshine


Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice: Rainpaw


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Lilyshine is a slim white-and-cream she-cat with blue eyes.


Lilyshine is fun and random, yet sensitive and sweet. She is a respected senior warrior to many, and also a good friend. She is always kind. She also loves Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. She ships ZukoXToph and CrowXLeaf. She is a pleasure to have on BlogClan and always brightens people's days. Her all-time favorite character from the Warriors series is Leafpool.

On the Blog[]

Lilyshine is usually an avid commenter on the blog, except in Summer, when she has no internet access. Instead, she pops up when she can. In the time she has internet connection, she is almost always on the commenting  leaderboard and often fighting for the top commenter place.  She is very kind and fun to be around.

Trailing Stars[]

Lilyshine appears in Chapter Seven, looking after Jadekit and persuading her to eat, then guiding her to sleep. She is later in a patrol with Jayfrost and brings the deathberries into camp.

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