Warrior of Blogclan


Kit: Nightkit

Apprentice: Nightpaw

Warrior: Nightflower


Mentor(s): unknown

Apprentices: Mintpaw (formerly), Dawnpaw


16 moons


Current: BlogClan, Time Travelling Otters



 Nightflower is a jet black she-cat with blue eyes.

She is very mature, responsible, kind, and passionate. She is warm and considered a friend by many.

Nightflower by Swiftpaw

On the blogEdit

Nightflower doesn't always come onto the blog but when she does, many people are happy to see her. Although she tries to come onto the blog whenever she can. She is responsible and kind to all members. Nightflower has been part of the blog since 2009, about 4 years. She used to write fan fiction, but now does not write so much, nor post her fanfiction on the blog. However, she does love to read others fanfiction. Recently, she has started rewriting her fanfiction, Invisible Stars. So far, she only has the prologue and allegiances up.

Trailing StarsEdit

Nightflower has made a non speaking appearence in Chapter 7. She is one of the cats to get sick.


Nightflower is a kind, sweet she cat. Although she does dislike fighting, she will not hesitate to fight for her Clan. She is extremely protective of the people that she is close to. She is loving to all kits and apprentices in the clan and does not get angry easily. She hopes to find a mate and have kits one day. 
  • Blue Bonnet, by Nightflower
  • Nightflower by Copperclaw
  • Nightflower by Dawnblaze
  • Nightflower, by Selena
  • Nightflower by Swiftfire

On the WikiEdit

Nightflower is the user Silverstars2015. She likes to come on here and chat with her friends anytime she can. Sometimes she multitasks, but always likes to be on the chat. She does not edit much on the wiki. However, she has started to post up a song each week on her wiki blog.


  • She's on the Time Travelling Otters team.
  • Nightflower is known to go by Nighty. She also goes by Silver in the blogclan wiki chat.
  • Her favorite Disney Princess is Ariel.
  • She hates Hans Christian Anderson.
  • In real life, Nightflower is in band, theatre, and dance. She has often said she would like to join Choir. However, next year she will be joining Color Guard.
  • Outside of BlogClan, Nightflower has the nicknames: Butterfly, Ms. Rainbow, and History Queen.
  • Nighflower's favorite historical figure is Elizabeth I.
  • Nightflower loves any kind of romance, forbbiden or not.
  • Her favorite warriors books are a three way tie between The Darkest Hour, Bluestar's Prophecy, and Crookedstar's Promise.
  • She loves Nicholas Sparks books, despite the fact she's always in tears afterwards.
  • She loves the 11th doctor and often says that she is married to him.
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