Owlsong is a dark brown spotted tabby with silver-flecked dark blue eyes. She is a warrior in



Trailing StarsEdit

Owlpaw appears in Chapter 3 with Rainpaw, and joins BlogClan, after having attacked Hawksky.


Well, er...(yeah, I'm editing my own page. Good job, me) Owlsong is...

Let's just start over.

Owlsong is friendly and generally willing to make friends with anyone. Outgoing only on the internet. She loves to read and draw, and is normally introverted. She can be a bit goofy at times.


  • Owlsong is very active on the roleplay site and has many characters in many fandoms
  • The fandoms she belongs to include Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Hetalia
  • Owlsong has a hard time coming up with trivia about herself
  • She loves to draw. Loves to draw.
  • Is currently part of the Neon Weasels
  • Owlsong has two dogs, named Josh and Vincent, and one cat named Rugby
  • All of her pets already had their names when they were adopted
  • She is Eule

This is a eule. This is me.

  • Owlpaw by Copperclaw
  • Owlsong by Swiftfire.
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