Ravenpaw (2)


Kit: Ravenkit
Apprentice: Ravenpaw
Warrior: Ravenfeather


Mentor: Unknown
Apprentice(s): None


14.2 Moons





Ravenfeather is a tall, lanky, black smoke tabby and white she-cat with green eyes and a scar on her nose. She has long legs that help her wade through shallow pools and marshy areas and her pelt is long and thicker around her neck and the back of her head, great for the time of leaf-bare. Ravenfeather, whom also goes by just Raven is often seen in the shadows, not overly fond of the light and prefers hunting and battle-practicing at night.


Ravenfeather is shown to be the silent type and is quite reserved, confiding in her best friend, Echoleaf. She does have a sarcastic and witty side, that she can and does use to her defense, not being an overly big fan of hypocrites and bullies. Ravenfeather does love to talk if she is around her friends, rarely talking with those she isn't overly friendly with.

On the BlogEdit

Ravenfeather is fairly new on the blog, so not much can be said here right now.


  • In real life, Raven plays the Bass Guitar, like many of her idols.
  • She is also currently a bassist of a band. The band consists of two bassists, a drummer, a guitarist, a pianist and a singer.
  • She reads quite a few books, now taking interest in books my musicians, namely The Heroin Diaries, by Nikki Sixx. She still reads Warriors, along with the GONE series by Micheal Grant and some other series.
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