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Art can be found at dipper-minor on tumblr, Sageheart's personal tumblr. Do NOT visit if you are sensitive to bad language.


Kit: Sagekit

Apprentice: Sagepaw

Warrior: Sageheart


Mentor: none known Apprentice: Nightpaw (later Nightshade)


Dovecloud (sister, not member currently)



Sageheart is a small dark gray she-cat wit blue eyes. Her pelt is short, thick, and cloudy.

Trailing StarsEdit

No appearance yet for Sageheart.

On the BlogEdit

Sageheart is an off-and-on member of BlogClan, as she is a college student and is regularly very busy. She is a commentator on the series and is known for her fanart. She initially planned to do chapter headers for Trailing Stars, but became too busy.

Fanfiction and other writingsEdit

Though she intends to become an author, Sageheart has not posted any Warriors fanfiction as of yet. She is currently working on a novel for National Novel Writing Month, her fifth attempt.


Sageheart attempted to do chapter headers and art for Trailing Stars, but became too busy. She is perhaps most well-known for her tutorial on drawing cat faces.


  • Her favorite canon Warriors characters are Bramblestar, Ivypool, and Gray Wing.
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