Shimmerpaw is a silvery she-cat with red-and-green-colored eyes. She usually just goes by the nickname Shimmy though. She is very hyper-active, happy, and loud. She loves all her friends, and is nice to everyone. However, she can be sad and serious when she wants to.

On the BlogEdit

She is extremely goofy and silly in an endearing way, which inspires her to write several spoofs. She also writes angst and fluff.


Trailing StarsEdit

She has yet to appear in Trailing Stars.

Fan ArtEdit

She hasn't submitted any fan art to BlogClan yet, but she has drawn other pieces.
  • England, by Shimmy
  • Shimmy's self-potrait
  • 1 minute 24 seconds, by Shimmy
  • Shimmy by Swiftpaw
  • Realistic Shimmy by Shimmy "Mrrrrow!"
  • divine voice and fell one, by shimmy
  • Gaius, by Shimmy
  • Chrom being a sweetie....*shimmy pushes me out of the way*Shimmy: SHE MEANT COMPLETE WEIRDO!
  • Shimmys avatar from Fire emblem Awakening, by shimmy
  • by Shimmy
  • Bad Artie Shimmy drew
  • Shimmy drew a bad Ricken-rabbit
  • Rainbowheart, by Shimmy
  • Swiftpaw, by Shimmy
  • SHIMMY by Kat
  • Shimmy by Copperclaw
  • Shimmy fail (sorry Shimmy), by Selena
  • Calem, ...Calem.
  • Mosstail and Shimmerpaw as gijinka


  • She values Pokemon very much, especially Treecko.
  • Her sister is Silverwind. They go all Otaku together.
  • She calls all of her favorite characters losers. Such as Armin from SnK, quote on quote; "Im a loser. He's a loser. We're all losers. Big family."
  • She ships the Psychic with the Battle Guy on route 11(?) in pokemon X and Y.
  • She is stalked by Chrom and Calem. Help.
  • A running gag is that she seems to make multiple accounts, fooling people into believing she's someone else.
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