Warrior of BlogClan






Mentor(s): Unknown

Apprentice: Violetpaw


15 moons


Current: BlogClan



"When life give you lemons, you make grape juice. Then, watch as the world wonders how you did it. Then, when life gives you more lemons, throw them back in life's face, because, who really liked lemons anyway? Then, when life gives you even more lemons, cut them in half and squirt them in life's eyes, and see how much life likes lemons then."

Shiningspirit is a silver she-cat with blue eyes and a fluffy tail.

On the Blog Edit

Shiningspirit comments on the blog regularly, and usually can be found commenting on the Allegiances, The Hug Page, Fan Fiction, New Members Page and Trailing Stars chapters. She often comments random things, or things about 'Dazel', Dawnmist and Hazelburrow. Shiningspirit is very supportive of the couple, and often fan-girls a lot about it. She likes anyone who supports the couple.

Roleplaying Edit

Shiningspirit does not go on the RP site.

Fanfiction Edit

By her Edit

Shiningspirit writes a story about a ThunderClan cat called Springbreeze, who's is the daughter of Dovewing and Bublestripe. Pinefur, a cat who thought they were Springbreeze's brother, turns out you be the kit of Ivypool and Tigerheart, and s adopted by Dovewing without her Clan knowing.

By others Edit

Shiningspirit is mentioned in ShiveringRose's fanfiction, BlogClan, Still Alive where Hazelburrow tells Shiveringrose that Shiningspirit had deemed it fit he is paired with Dawnmist for life.

Trivia Edit

  • She is very supportive of Dazel
  • She likes manga and anime
  • She likes to draw, and has drawn picture of Dazel, but only uploaded it onto her deviantART
  • She joined April 27th 2014
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